Course Duration : 3 years (Full Time)

Aims and Objectives

Mathematics is the mother of all scientific courses. It covers the wide area of Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Operational Research, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and the research work of all the different fields of commerce, Psychology, Social Sciences and Arts.

It enables students to build a firm platform of bright future.

Career Opportunities

  • M.Sc. (Mathematics, IT, C.A.), P.G.D.C.A., M.B.A., M.C.A.
  • M.Sc. Tech., Material Science
  • ISRO & Plasma Research Institute

Departmental Activities

  • Unit Test
  • Assignment
  • Seminar
  • Competitive Examination
  • Professor A. R. Rao Mathematics Competitive Examination
  • MTTS Test
Semester Course Unit Topic Faculty
1 Mathematics-101 I Successive Differentitation Mr. A.V.Kadia
II Mean value theorem & Expansion Mr.A.J.Shah
III Matrix-1 Mr. R.M.Shah
IV Matrix-2 Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
3 Mathematics-201 I Limit and Continuity; Partial Derivative Mr.A.J.Shah
II Differentiability of function of several variable-I Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
III Differentiability of function of several variable-II Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
IV Application of Partial Derivative Mr.A.J.Shah
Mathematics-202 I Vector Space-I Mr. A.V.Kadia
II Vector Space-II Mr. A.V.Kadia
III Linear Transformation Mr. R.M.Shah
IV Matrix Mr. R.M.Shah
5 Mathematics-301 I Linear Maps Mr. A.V.Kadia
II Inner Product space Mr. A.V.Kadia
III Determinants Mr. A.V.Kadia
IV Eigen Values & Eigen Vectors, spectral  theorem Mr. A.V.Kadia
Mathematics-302 I The Real Numbers Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
II Sequences Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
III Functions & Continuity Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
IV The Derivatives Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
Mathematics-303 I Propeties of Complex numbers Mr. R.M.Shah
II Continuity & differentiation of complex numbers Mr. R.M.Shah
III Propeties of L.T. of complex numbers Mr. R.M.Shah
IV Fourier Series Mr. R.M.Shah
Mathematics-304 I Convex set and L.P.P. Mr.A.J.Shah
II Problem solving tech. for L.P.P. Mr.A.J.Shah
III Dual simplex method Mr.A.J.Shah
IV Transportation and Assignment Problem Mr.A.J.Shah
Mathematics-305 I Prieliminary Of Number Th. Mr.A.V.Kadia
II Prime Numbers Mr.A.V.Kadia
III Fermat’s Theoram & Eulers Theoram Mr.A.V.Kadia


Semester Course Unit Topic Faculty
2 Mathematics-103 I Diff. Equation of first order and first degree  Mr.A.V.Kadia
II Linear Diff. Equ. Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
III Sphere & introduction to conicoids Mr. R.M.Shah
IV Polar co-ordinate system, cone and cylinder. Mr.A.J.Shah
4 Mathematics-204 I Multiple Integral Mr.A.J.Shah
II Beta & Gamma Functions & vector calculus Mr.A.J.Shah
III Line Surface and Volume Integral Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
IV Partial Diff. Equation Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
Mathematics-205 I Group theory Mr. R.M.Shah
II Sub groups & fermats theorem Mr. R.M.Shah
III Permutation & normal subgroup Mr.A.V.Kadia
IV Isomorphisam of groups & Automorphisam groups Mr.A.V.Kadia
6 Mathematics-307 I Rings Mr.A.V.Kadia
II Subrings, Homomorphisam Mr.A.V.Kadia
III Polynomial Ring Mr.A.V.Kadia
IV Fields Mr.A.V.Kadia
Mathematics-308 I Riemann Integration Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
II Infinite Series-I Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
III Infinites Series-II Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
IV Taylors Series Mrs.G.J.Prajapati
Mathematics-309 I Matrix Space Mr.A.J.Shah
II Continuity, Compactness and Connectedness Mr.A.J.Shah
III Uniform conversions Mr.A.J.Shah
IV Application of Uniform conversations Mr.A.J.Shah
Mathematics-310 I Definitions of Graph Mr. R.M.Shah
II Matrix representation of Graph Mr. R.M.Shah
III Trees Mr. R.M.Shah
IV Eulers Tours , Hamiltonian Graphs Mr. R.M.Shah
Mathematics-311 I Inventory Problems Mr.A.J.Shah
II PERT and CPM Mr.A.J.Shah
III Game Theory Mr.A.J.Shah