Course Duration : 3 years (Full Time)

Aims and Objectives

Chemistry is prime branch of basic science to learn nature. It is the base of any industry. It boosts up industrial growth and advancement. Hence, Chemistry is offered to the students to curve their sound career in the field of science and technology. Career Opportunities

After successful completion of graduation, different industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, petrochemical, dying, pesticides, fertilizers and Government sector etc. will be the prime areas in which students could built their career.

Student can also go for post graduate studies (M.Sc.) & could go for other professional courses like M.B.A., M.L.T. etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals firms
  • Public and Private R & D centers
  • Agriculture & Fertilizers firms
  • Forensic Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Medicine
  • Food Technology
  • Bio-informatics Depts. Various Institute/Firms eg. IITs, CCMB, Wipro etc.

Departmental Activities

  • Short Duration Courses
  • Education Tour
  • Organization of Conference
  • Quiz
  • Seminar
Semester Course Unit Topic Faculty
1 Chemistry-101 I Lanthanide & Actinide Dr.J.J.Shah
II Organic chemistry Mr.J.N.Solanki
III Alkanes & alkenes Dr.M.J.Solanki
IV Physical Chemistry Dr.J.G.Gurjar
3 Chemistry-201 I Carbohydrates Dr.L.A.Patel
II SE reactions,Poly Nuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mr.K.B.Patel
III Heterocyclic & Active Methylene Compounds Mr.K.B.Patel
IV Chemical Reactivity Dr.L.A.Patel
Chemistry-202 I Thermodynamics & Chemical kinatics Dr.H.K.Kadiya
II Electro Chemistry & Phase rule Dr.N.P.Patni
III Adsorption & Catalysis Dr.N.P.Patni
IV Polymer Chemistry Dr.M.J.Solanki
5 Chemistry-301 I Stereo Chemistry Mr.A.A.Shah
II Organic Reagents & name reactions Dr.L.A.Patel
III Nucleophilic Subst. Mr.J.N.Solanki
IV Carbohydrates, purines &  pyrimidines   Mr.K.B.Patel
Chemistry-302 I Symmetry Dr.J.J.Shah
II Chemical Bonding Dr.R.P.Patel
III Reaction Mechanism Dr.J.S.Chauhan
IV Mossbaur Spectroscopy Dr.M.V.Kadia
Chemistry-303 I Thermodynamics Dr.S.P.Parekh
II Electro Chemistry Dr.S.P.Parekh
III Chemical kinetics & polymer chemistry Dr.H.K.Kadiya
IV Nuclear chemistry Dr.N.P.Patni
Chemistry-304 I UV spectra Dr.L.A.Patel
II IR & Raman Spectra Mr.J.N.Solanki
III NMR spectra Mr.A.A.Shah
IV Spectroscopy Dr.J.S.Chauhan
Chemistry-305 I Introduction of Soil Chemistry Dr.R.P.Patel
II Analysis of Primary Nutrients Dr.R.P.Patel
III Analysis of Secondary Nutrients Dr.M.V.Kadia
IV Analysis of Micro Nutrients Dr.M.V.Kadia


Semester Course Unit Topic Faculty
2 Chemistry-103 I In organic chemistry Dr.M.V.Kadia
II In organic chemistry Dr.J.G.Gurjar
III organic chemistry Mr.A.A.Shah
IV Physical chemistry Dr.M.J.Solanki
4 Chemistry-204 I Wave Mechanics Dr.J.S.Chauhan
II Co-ordination Compounds Dr.R.P.Patel
III Chemical Bonding Dr.J.S.Chauhan
IV Non Aqueous Solvents & Physico Chemical Principals Dr.R.P.Patel
Chemistry-205 I In organic Qual. Analysis & Redox titration. Dr.J.J.Shah
II Acid based Titration Dr.H.K.Kadiya
III EDTA titration & precipitation titration Dr.J.J.Shah
IV Precipation gra. Analysis Dr.N.P.Patni
6 Chemistry-307 I Stereo Chemistry Mr.A.A.Shah
II Alkaloids & Isoprenoids Dr.L.A.Patel
III Dyes, Explosives, pesticides Mr.K.B.Patel
IV Synthetic Drug & Vitamins Mr.J.N.Solanki
Chemistry-308 I Term Symbol & Electronic spectra Dr.R.P.Patel
II Quantum Mechnics Dr.J.S.Chauhan
III Chemical Bonding Dr.J.G.Gurjar
IV Metal Carbonyls Dr.M.V.Kadia
Chemistry-309 I Thermodynamics Dr.S.P.Parekh
II Electro Chemistry Dr.S.P.Parekh
III Phase Rule & Pollution Dr.H.K.Kadiya
IV Photo Chemistry &  corrosion Dr.N.P.Patni
Chemistry-310 I Errors & Organic Reagents Mr.K.B.Patel
II Chromatography Dr.J.G.Gurjar
III Polorography Dr.M.J.Solanki & Dr.K.S.Parikh
IV Acid base,Redox, Complexometric titration Dr.H.K.Kadiya
Chemistry-311 I Introduction to Nano Technology Dr.J.J.Shah
II Nano Structure Dr.M.J.Solanki
III Characterization Dr.M.J.Solanki
IV Application of Nano Technoloy Dr.J.J.Shah