Sports and Physical Education


The college teams of Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket participate in various local and national level tournaments. The sports committee also invites colleges and clubs across Gujarat like…

Sports Meet

A healthy body houses a healthy mind. To promote student interest in games and sports, many sports activities are conducted periodically. The college provides sporting facilities to students for cricket, volleyball, table tennis and many other games and sports. An annual sports fest is also conducted by the college where various sporting competitions are conducted. This develops a healthy competitive spirit among the students and foster a feeling of cooperation among students of various departments as well.

Study and sports are two linked components of our learning process and will always be important for an individual. A healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body. It is rightly said that a healthy nation can be built if the citizens are physically fit. The mental pressure and tension arising out of the fast modern life can only be released in the playground and therefore, healthy diet and fitness have gained a new status in today's world.